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  1. i'm 28 and just now trying to apply to nursing school. i graduated college with a b.s. in 2000 but it didn't help much. i still have to take several hours of prereqs and get my cna. i'm so mad at myself for waiting so long. i didn't realize that it took this long to even apply. the soonest i'll even be able to apply is may '08 and if i'm lucky enough to get in i'll start in sept. this is so discouraging. i'm thinking about applying to some other schools in case i don't get into the mc program - maybe like in odessa or big spring. would it be a bad idea to get an lvn first and go to work while getting an rn. i just need to be working and its going to take forever! any advise?
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  3. by   tx2007
    I attend MC right now and will grad in May. I can tell you from those I have talked to Oc is ok, Howard college is the WORST and MC is supposed to be good but they are in the middle of changing the whole program. Good luck whatever you decide!
  4. by   texstudent1
    Howard College in Big Spring acceptance into the RN program is solely based off the PBS test and I was accepted into fall of 06 without a problem, however I just recently dropped out. It was a big dissapointment and still feel very depressed, I feel like I'm capable of being a nurse, but feel so discouraged because I rarely fail especially when I try. The program started with 20 students and now there is eleven left with a little over a month to go. I would never recommend that school to my worst enemy because when I was there the instructor had told us that one student had gotten in A in lecture and clinical portion which hadn't happened in years. The program there needs to be investigated, it's such a dissapointment when you see such bright students waste hope, time, and money to only be dissapointed by poor teaching. Good Luck and hope you make the right decision.

  5. by   tx2007
    I am so sorry about your experience texstudent. Unfortunately it's very common there in Big Spring, we have 3 people in my class that drive from Big Spring everyday because they didnt want to go there. Like I said earlier I haven't heard anything good about Howard College. Are you going to try and transfer to either OC or MC?
  6. by   texstudent1
    I'm probally moving to Dallas so I'm stressing about having to find a school there, since this has happened I'm just trying to get back on my feet by paying some of the student loan money and finding a job since I quit mine to go to that darn school. I'm not the type of person that takes quitting easily, now I have to decide about going into LVN school and then transitioning to RN or maybe finding a school on the outer skirts of Dallas, and hope they accept me. Otherwise if I lived close there I would try for MC. That's what a lot of the students who already failed plan on doing.
  7. by   tx2007
    Well Good Luck in whatever you decide there are tons of schools in the DFW area!!
  8. by   texstudent1
    Thanks, but unfortunately after reading a lot of the posts there is a waiting list on most of these schools since there is so many people applying. So I'm just going to have to see what happens and hope for the best. I hope I can find some good advice on this website as to where is the best to apply so I can start doing my research.
  9. by   raceNHRA
    I hope they don't change it during the time I'm trying to get everything together to apply. All I need is for this process to take longer! That would be such a disappointment. Do you know what they are changing? Congrats on graduating in may.
  10. by   tx2007
    The changes souldn't affect anyone getting in. All the Prereq's are the same the only thing they are changing is the actual program. Like my class is the last class to take the HESI exam now they are doing ATI after EVERY semester, they have made it MANDATORY to attend a NCLEX review class in your 4th semester, Some of class content has been changed and moved to differnent semesters and some of the classes have been done away with and new ones taking thier place. I think overall it is a great program and will be even better after these changes. My class is like the guinea pigs we are right at the transition phase between thier old program and new program and I can say the new program seems WAY better!! Good Luck on getting in!! only 6 more months for me!