New Grad RN's in San Antonio

  1. So, for all of those new nurses in San Antonio who are pretty much at wit's end looking for job, I just had an interview and was hired at Southwest General Hospital for their new grad RN program. They still have 8-10 spots left to fill before they new class start on the 10th of October. Yes, it's such short notice but the nurse recruiter told me to spread the word. So if you're interested go their website and go to the careers page and apply. Base rate is $25/hr with shift and weekend differentials, with 36 hours a week.
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  3. by   FreckledCoffeeRN
    Is there a link for that on their website or a phone number?

  4. by   KiaP38 RN
    The link for the career page is:
    Click search job openings and type in "Graduate Nurse Pool" as a keyword. Look for and apply to the grad nurse positions. Then you can send a letter of interest to the nurse recruiter himself letting him know you applied for the position(s), because he constantly checks his e-mail. I'll see if I can PM you his personal E-mail.
  5. by   FreckledCoffeeRN
    Thanks so much!

    I'm graduating in December so I'm around 3 months away from being at this stage, but I was unaware of this hospital. So thanks for the info. I wonder how much in advance they'd let me apply.

    Thanks again,
  6. by   KiaP38 RN
    Well I know that Christus Santa Rosa is now accepting applications for their February Nurse Residency. You should apply =]
  7. by   FreckledCoffeeRN
    Just did

  8. by   Iammblessed2011
    please send me the email address too. Thank you
  9. by   Iammblessed2011
    They just called me for an interview.

    Thank you!
  10. by   KiaP38 RN
    Yay! You are very welcome! =]
  11. by   Iammblessed2011
    Do you have any tips for the interview?
  12. by   KiaP38 RN
    Well I am by far NOT the best interviewee. LOL But there two nurse educators. One asked the list of questions, the other took notes. Smile, be friendly and warm. And just answer the questions as confident as you can. When is your interview?
  13. by   Iammblessed2011
    friday! currently i live in dallas and i have to drive almost 5hrs so i asked for a phone interview.
  14. by   KiaP38 RN
    Well the class does start on Monday and they will want to confirm that you'll be relocating immediately if offered the job.