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So, for all of those new nurses in San Antonio who are pretty much at wit's end looking for job, I just had an interview and was hired at Southwest General Hospital for their new grad RN program.... Read More

  1. by   mwirawanRN
    hey xnrsxvx,
    I was wondering when you started the program? I had the same concerns as you, but I was told by the recruiter I was guaranteed a full time job once orientation was over, and I was also told after orientation you would be paid 22-23/hr. I am already very upset with them right now because they told me my start date would be on Nov. 14 and since I am from Houston, I had to relocate quickly and move to San Antonio, but then they called me earlier today saying that the start date has been change to Dec. 12, which is pretty upsetting because I was already set on starting soon and I also have a one year lease at the apartments in San Antonio.
  2. by   Kitsha88
    Thank you snrsxvx, I actually ended up accepting a position with them, but ended up with a full time position instead of being in the new grad float pool (which is hopefully better). I hope things turn out okay but I'll be observant.

    mwirawanRN: I think me and you are in the same boat... they told me the same thing, but I ended up starting on the Nov 14 after getting some issues clarified. Perhaps we will work on the same floor?
  3. by   mwirawanRN
    Hey kitsha88, they did the.same thing to me and offered me a full time job I am now on nightshift bariatrics , what floor are you on??
  4. by   JMG_12
    Hi KiaP38 RN

    I applied to the Southwest General Hospital RN Residency Program for 2012 about a week ago. I am just curious- when did you apply last year and when did they contact you for the interview? I am from Seattle and am relocating to San Antonio area. I left a message for the nurse recruiter to learn a little more about the specifics of the program but haven't heard back yet. Thanks!
  5. by   KiaP38 RN
    Last year when I applied there was a new nurse recruiter, and I'm not sure about the current circumstances but when I applied, the residency start was approaching fast and they had many spots to fill so... I remember I applied on a late Tuesday night, was contacted Wednesday morning to interview the following Tuesday and was hired on the spot. I moved that weekend to San Antonio.
  6. by   aug709
    There is a new Baylor hospital that just opened up in Mckiney if anyone is interested I heard they are still low on staff.
  7. by   cloyd7

    I'm graduating in December too!!! =) I saw the posting about South General and I would be very interested in working there. KiaP38, would be willing to email me that nursing recruiter's email? I wanted to see when his next nurse residency program would open up. I would be very thankful! I know I can't start work quite yet, but I would love to just get my name out there! Again! I would be so appreciative and congrats on the new job! Very exciting!!!!
  8. by   seungk5
    I am a new grad looking for a position in Texas as well. Can I also have the email to the recruiter? I would love to apply there. Since you've been there for a year, how do you like the hospital so far? Thank you!

    Quote from KiaP38 RN
    So, for all of those new nurses in San Antonio who are pretty much at wit's end looking for job, I just had an interview and was hired at Southwest General Hospital for their new grad RN program. They still have 8-10 spots left to fill before they new class start on the 10th of October. Yes, it's such short notice but the nurse recruiter told me to spread the word. So if you're interested go their website and go to the careers page and apply. Base rate is $25/hr with shift and weekend differentials, with 36 hours a week.
  9. by   acunningham11
    Would you mind sending me his email as well?
  10. by   tmrogers01
    I currently live in San Antonio and I am a newly licensed RN and I was wondering do you still work at Southwest General and are they still hiring newly licensed RN.
  11. by   Awennmacher
    I would love to get into the new grad program! I will not be graduating until December and I am moving from Rockford IL down to San Antonio after graduation! What made you choose this New grad program over others in the area?
  12. by   Ohana Pediatric
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