Memorial Hermann -Southwest Hospital EMERGENCY

  1. Hello All!

    So I am a Canadian RN who just received a job offer for memorial hermann - southwest hospital in Houston, Texas in their emergency department! I am very excited and wanted some insight on opinions about the southwest hospital and specifically the ER department. I am coming with 5 years of nursing experience (3 of those years in emerg). Your insights are welcomed!

    Thanks all
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  3. by   Electric0704
    Its a level 2 or 3 trauma center that is located in kind of sketchy area off the 59 freeway, you'll get lots of trauma experience like gsw, stabbings and stuff, its a very busy ER but good things I heard
  4. by   LaurieMakingA'way
    Thanks for your response. Yeah, I am aware its not in the best of areas. Do you know anything about the culture of the er department (like to nurses enjoy working on that unit), staff morale? etc. Thanks so much!