Memorial Hermann Nurse Residency Fall 2018 - page 11

Hello guys, I decided to start a thread for anyone who will be applying to Memorial Hermann Nurse Residency Program for the fall so we can all communicate and share information. On their Facebook... Read More

  1. by   JMO24
    Has anyone received offers now I still haven't got any reply and I applied for neuro acute care
  2. by   melirae
    I received a verbal offer the same week of my interview and received the paper offer just last week. Try reaching out to your recruiter!
  3. by   JMO24
    The TMC location ?
  4. by   melirae
    My position is for the Southwest location but others have said that TMC applicants received their job offers 2 weeks ago.
  5. by   JMO24
    Just emailed my recruiter she has been on maternity leave so they had an alternate person to email never knew she was pregnant so we will see. The part that upsets me is that I was told that same day after my interview that I would receive a call soon but never recieved one
  6. by   JMO24
    The recruiter emailed me back saying I should of got an email from workday and the last email I got was the application I sent it for the job saying it was under review all the way back in may. My interview was in June so I dont understand I didnt get any acceptance or rejection call just nothing. When I try to call they never answer. Im just going to pray about it
  7. by   xqueennurse
    Did you check your spam? Maybe contact HR.
  8. by   JMO24
    Well I finally found out I didn't get the position the recruiter called me and told me that the manger said I did so well but it was very competitive. I asked for feedback as to what they're looking for me and they told me nothing I said was wrong there where just to many applicants. The recruiter told me he didnt want to leave me hanging and is trying to find another position for me. Honestly I'm not really mad or sad or was my first interview since I graduated this may. Just some tips,

    Always smile, have good posture, make eye contact
  9. by   hercar16
    Has anyone heard back about orientation or anything?
  10. by   xqueennurse
    Hello! I did the drug screening and completed the pre-employment packet at the end of August. I have not heard from them since then.. what about you?