LVN @ St. Philips San Antonio

  1. I'm new here. Just curious if anyone here is in or went through the LVN program @ St. Philips college in San Antonio. I just got my acceptance letter this week and was looking for classmates or current students. I am so excited about starting in January. After 3 years of unsuccesfully attempting to get into their Rad Tech program, I have decided to go a different route in the Medical Field. I was suprised at first that I didn't get into the program with my 3.5 GPA, but then I realized I was up against people that had Bachelors degrees in Bio and other degrees. I am happy though I decided to change my mind, Although I wish I had done it sooner. I have previous experience as a CNA(4years) and currently work as a Phlebotomist (1 1/2years) so I think starting where I did (at the bottom) I will have appreciation for everyone I work with. I have always enjoyed being in the medical field, almost all of my work experience has been in the med field, with the exception of the shoe store I worked at. January can't come soon enough.....
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  3. by   TxGalAD
    Hey whats up! I was just accepted to the program also! Looking foward to the program myself. Im also working as a CNA for the funds Question, are you in the day or eve program?