LVN/LPN schools in Dallas area - page 2

Hello to all you current and future lvns. I would like some of your advice about lvn shools in the DFW area. I would like to continue to become a RN but am worried about not getting accepted.... Read More

  1. by   nataliem2005
    I'm new to this. I think I want to be RN. Is the best way to do so to be a LVN first? Thank you!
  2. by   chell12
    I just moved here a few months ago and I want to go to Nursing School. I want to be an RN but right now I can't afford to quit my job and go to school in the daytime. I found a night time class for LVN at the Dallas Nursing Institute. So, I would like to know if anyone knows anything about this school and what a new LVN would make in the Dallas area? I live in Lewisville and DNI is fairly close to my house but I would prefer one closer but I dont know of any other schools that offer evening/night classes. Does anyone know if there are any in this area? Thank you to anyone who has any information for me.
  3. by   ire2003
    Platt college dallas cost 31000 bucks for a diploma of nursing in the LVN program. It is a lot of money and oh my god i have had a terible experience but i have to look at what i will get when i finish many of the instructors were terrible and uneducated many times i have to teach myself and learn from other nurses who i may know. But if you want to get an education and don't have options to go to a community college then go somewhere else besides platt college dallas. The evening program is terrible now who in the hell want to do a clinical from 5:30 til 9:30 pm one day a week and all day on saturday. Now the saturday deal is great but that 5 hour clinical is terrible how do you learn when patients are in the bed after dinner and the nurses have did almost all the work their shifts are (7am -7pm ) remember we get there at 5:30 and leave for post conference by 9pm so what do we do"NOT A DAMN THING" Look in a chart all night!!!! We have had many problems with clinical sites for about a month we did not have a site at all now what type of **** is that. We have had to repeat a class due to an instructor not teaching correctly and still behind hopefully our teacher now will catch us up with all the test we are taken through the week. so much to complain about but hell i will get over it "GIVE ME MY DIPLOMA PLATT COLLEGE I WILL RUN AND HELL NO I WILL NOT ATTEND LVN/RN BRIDGE AT YOUR SCHOOL" stay away from platt dallas
  4. by   Ccoorryy09
    I am a 3rd term LVN student at Concorde and just wanted to reply and say that the credits there do transfer --- only the 4 college courses that we take throughout the entire year. I have been accepted to Texas Women's University and transferred those 4 classes to them. I will say this - Concorde is the place to go if you need something quick, otherwise try going to a community college. I haven't had the best time there. I'm just glad to say that I'm graduating in October!