Lubbock Job Market?

  1. Hey all, I have been taking pre-reqs for a few years in preparation for going into nursing as a second career. Circumstances may more our family from the Houston area to Lubbock in the next 6 months. I have been looking at the options for nursing school in Lubbock. My question is....what is the job market for nurses in Lubbock currently, particularly in the hospitals.

    Thanks in advance for any information...
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  3. by   txpixiedust
    I don't currently live in Lubbock - but I grew up there, still have family there, and visit. Many of my family members work at hospitals in Lubbock. - some as RN's. There are /were 3 big hospitals in Lubbock - I believe two of the Hospitals merged to form Covenant Hospital. At any rate, you will definitely be able to find work as a Nurse, and have lots of options.

    Also, there is a minimum security prison on the edge of town (between Lubbock & Post), and several Children's Homes, State Hospital, Mental Retardation Homes, Psych Hospitals, LTC, etc.

    Texas Tech University has a Nursing program and this is probably the one you're looking into. But just in case you need to look into other schools - Lubbock Christian University, and South Plains Junior College(campus in Lubbock & Levelland) are also in the area.

    Good Luck & God Bless!
  4. by   santhony44
    Covenant Hospital in Lubbock also still has a diploma program.

    Otherwise, Pixiedust is right on with her assessment.

    Also, if you don't mind a little commute, there are some small community hospitals outside of Lubbock that are also possibilities for jobs.
  5. by   rnav32
    Hello NewBeginning. Some of the other posters are correct in saying that Covenant and UMC are the two larger hospitals here in town. There is also one smaller hospital here as well. As far as nursing schools go, there are three in the area. Southplains College, Covenant, and Texas Tech all offer nursing programs. I would look at their websites for more information. I don't want to compare the programs because every single person will give you their biased opinion. In my opinion, they all are good programs! At my job yesterday, I ended up debating these program with one individual who attends Covenant, one who attends southplains, and one who attends Tech. Every single person has their own opinion on their program. I say investigate each and decide which is a better fit for you. I have just about finished my prerequesites and am looking at Tech and several programs out of state. Good luck on your move.