LoneStar LVN- RN Fall 2011 Hopeful

  1. Hello fellow student applying or have applied to lonestar for LVN-RN for Fall 2011?.What are your takes on the application extension at kingwood campus? Am kinda of worried that the application date was moved to May 20th.I can wait any longer for the acceptance letter to be mail in April for my second choice. Anybody interested in buying textbook for North harris Nursing campus?
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  3. by   NCLEXEATER
    Sign of relieve . Called NH campus, was being told they'll be mailing out the acceptance letter and denying letter next week. yahyah:bowingpur
  4. by   terramorris
    OMG so soon! Now I definitely won't be able to sleep! I have been trying to put it in the back of my mind, thinking that the letters wouldn't be sent out for 2-3 weeks. I already feel sorry for my mailman
  5. by   NCLEXEATER
    Can my 11.15 get me the spot for the Kingwood? Am very worried I might not get in for my First choice. Is any body on the nurses forum applying to kingwood for LVN-RN Transition track? If so, what are point?:aln:
  6. by   NCLEXEATER
    The waiting is over!! Am in for Kingwood Transition- ADN Fall 2011!!
  7. by   NCLEXEATER
    Looking forward meeting all Transition students come August 26th @ the Orientation