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I am a nurse in the Philippines. And I'm also considering Austin, Texas as my choice of state to work aside from Tucson, Arizona. So, please help me to get more info about life and cost of living... Read More

  1. by   Broombug
    Austin traffic is RIDICULOUS!
    AMEN to that.:yeahthat:
  2. by   mamajapko
    I have lived in Austin for over 40 years. At the beginning of nursing school (2005), they asked what was our main criteria for a job. I said I wanted to work 10 min from home. Most people thought that was an unusual idea but I think most would agree with me now. What used to take 45 min about 5 years ago, now takes up to 2 hours depending on the time of day. The only way to deal with it is to be sure to have plenty of :smilecoffeecup: