Is nursing school really that hard? - page 2

Hi. My husband is currently in getting his RN from Alvin Community College and will graduate this May. He acts like it is a total piece of cake. In fact, I have never even seen him crack a book, but... Read More

  1. by   aggieamy5
    Funny you should ask if I do all the chores! Actually, he does a majority of the chores! I know I'm lucky to be married to such a great guy. Like I said, nursing school appears to be a breeze for him. He also works about 32 hours a week and also has plenty of time for TV, hobbies, chores etc. Last year when he was in school, I was finishing up grad. school in psyc. which appeared to comsume much more of my time then his school, so he did many more of the household tasks. Now that I am finally finished and work full-time, he still does almost everything! I just tend to get overwhelmed easily and he doesn't at all. We are young and do not have children yet so I'm sure things are much easier for us! He will finish in May and we cannot wait for him to begin his nursing career!
  2. by   YoungWiseWoman