Houston ED's - Which are the Trauma Centers?

  1. Considering a working retirement move to Houston's burbs; have recent ED experience in New York City. I would like to know which of the Houston area hospitals are level one trauma, which ones are not, and what average salaries are like for a critical care RN with 25 plus years experience. Any tips and other helpful household hints would be greatly appreciated too.

    And a big thanks to all respondents
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  3. by   pinkynbd_99
    The only level 1 trauma hospitals in houston are in the medical center: Memorial Hermann & Ben Taub Hospital, and basically they are right next to each..literally across the street from each other! I don't know where in NYC you're from, I grew up in the Bronx, they're smarter up north...the Trauma centers are SPREAD...THROUGHOUT the city! Not here and harris county has over 4 million ppl and we only have 2 level 1 trauma centers! (sorry, that just really makes no sense to me and I have to vent when I talk about it!) As for pay, I really don't know..I do know in the medical center you'll get the better pay but if you live in the 'burbs, then you'll have to fight traffic, gas, parking, etc.
  4. by   Emergency RN
    Thank you for your reply, Pinkynbd 99. I had worked in Bellevue and the old Booth Memorial (before their takeover by New York Hospital), and I work in a non trauma ED right now but want to get back into the action for one last hurrah. I was looking at Memorial Hermann's long list of Houston hospitals too. If I can't get into one of the trauma centers then I was hoping to look for a chest pain center (same work as I'm doing now). At any rate, it's going to be a move in about a year plus, so I "should" have time to do my research. Thanks again for the names and background.