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  1. Hello All,

    I am finishing up my B.S. in Health Science right now, and I am interesting in applying to HCC's ADN program for fall 2010. The website isn't very helpful, and I am currently living in Oregon, so I can't just pop in and get info. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Like what are my chances of getting in? - I have taken both A&P's, and everything else except pharm and micro, I have a 3.6 GPA, and I will have a bachelor's degree. If I take the pharm class online this spring will I be able to apply to the fall 2010 ADN program?


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  3. by   bdorsey30

    I am currently in HCC's Pharm class. They have changed the process. You have to take the HESI first and then they will give you permission to take Pharm which is no longer offered online. This fall they only did one Pharm class. You have to pass the Pharm class and they give a math exam and you have to score a 90 or above. If not you do not pass the math test even though you may have an "A" in Pharm you have to take the class over. Upon completion of Pharm you now have to sit out an entire semester before preceding to the rest of the nursing program. So I am in Fall 09 Pharm class and I can't proceed until Fall 2010!!! I was so disappointed hearing this. This is something new as well. I am sure you will have no problems getting in. I just wanted you to know what to expect.
  4. by   Deyanna119

    Thanks for the info! I have been emailing the secretary, she is NO help!! That is a bit upsetting, b/c I really wanted to get in for fall 2010, but at least now I know. How hard is the pharm class? Do they offer it in the evening or in the summer? Did you take all the pre-req's before applying?

    Good luck on getting into the program!! And thanks again for replying!

  5. by   bdorsey30
    We haven't had our first test in Pharm yet. But they do team teaching. Yes I had all my pre-reqs completed. Did you apply to any nursing schools in your area?
  6. by   Deyanna119
    I haven't applied to any nursing schools here. I am originally from Texas, and eager to get back...so I really didn't even consider applying here. I am now thinking of just applying to HCC's LVN program - I am pretty sure I'd be able to get in for fall 2010 - then do the LVN to ADN track later on. I have accumulated a large amount of student loans, and really need to get into a decent paying career!!
  7. by   bdorsey30
    send me a private email to bdorsey30@yahoo.com
  8. by   pinkynbd_99
    Hey have you considered the other colleges near by, like the Lonestar colleges (north houston) or San Jacinto college (more south Houston)? If you are getting your BA then UT-houston has an acclerated BSN program for those who already have a degree already, it's hell from what I heard of, but you get your BSN in one year. Just FYI, one thing everyone can tell you is don't just apply to one nursing school apply to as many as you can.
  9. by   Deyanna119
    I just started looking into UT Houston's acc. bac. program...which I am really interested in now! What have you heard about it? I noticed that alot of it is online - kinda weird.
    I will probably apply to all the ADN programs around the Houston area as well, and hopefully I'll get accepted to one
    Are you currently in a program?
  10. by   pinkynbd_99
    Well that is true, I believe, about the Acclerated program @UThouston, that it's mostly all online. But I can imagine it's really hard!! I'm currently attending one of the Lonestar College Nursing program and I graduate in May. I really like it and it's been crazy! Right now it's crazy so I can't imagine how doing all this in one year can be!!
    But yeah, just get informed about each program and what they require to what you have. Good Luck!
  11. by   RobinsonMPH
    I really want to get into Lonestar's ADN program. I have my bachelors in Kinesiology and have recently finished my MPH. Do you think they this will help me to get into the program? They listed english and math as a pre-req.... I went to a university which didnt have basics... Rice University, so have not taken those classes at the collegiate level ( I tested out of them). Do you know of any other students with similar backgrounds that may have been admitted?

  12. by   pinkynbd_99
    I know of alot of ppl that have previous degrees that are in the program currently. I really don't think that previous credits matter, as long as you have what is required for being able to apply. You need to go to lonestar.edu and I know, atleast for North Harris you can now do their orientation online. There you can get all the info you need!
  13. by   Scrubs911
    I think it's a good idea to apply to HCC's ADN program AND other nursing programs in the area. From what I've heard, HCC ADN tends to have a lot of hurdles to jump over compared to the other programs. Don't put all your eggs in one basket--especially if that basket is HCC ADN. It's a great program (I went there ) but it can get real crazy/tedious when it comes to dealing with the administrative side of things. If you get into HCC, great. It's a good place to learn, and if you choose to go somewhere else, good for you. Just don't get to frustrated dealing with 'the nursing office,' those folks work real hard and sometimes there's just not enough time/resources to cater to everybody. Good luck!

    ETA: Your degree doesn't really affect your application status either way, as long as you have the pre-reqs they require, you should have no problem. For the person who "tested out" of some classes. You may have to take them (not sure what their current policy is) just call them way ahead of time so in case you do have to take them, you'll have enough time to get them over with before the semester you want to start nursing school).
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  14. by   shanae
    Have you tried Lonestar college sytem?They go by points but you get points by taking 32 credit hours in the education part of rn program 4points.up to 4 points for taking bio 2401 or 2402 (they use the highest grade), general pyscology, and english 1301 grades averaged.Then when you take the hesi you can get up to 4 points from your score.The higher the point number you can choose which school you want to attend but if not theyll give you your second school choice.most get an 11.3 and up to get in