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  1. I was curious if anyone might have any insight on what LVN's should expect to be paid for Home Health work. Do they pay by the visit or is it hourly? I live in East Texas near Tyler and work in the areas surrounding. I was only being offered $12 and hour to start at a large hospital in Tyler and the work load was ridiculous. Management told us to take on more and stop whining. So I am no longer employed there. I am now doing PRN work for a nursing facility making $17.50 and hour which is the norm here for nursing homes. My mom has worked for home health for many years as a CNA and has encouraged me to try it. So I am just curious if anyone out there may know if they are competitive with the wages of nursing facilities.
    I am also a registered Massage Therapists and I hear that Home Health also uses them as well as nurses.

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