Help please!!! Questions regarding DCCCD SCIT 1407 & 1408.

  1. Thanks in advance for answering my questions. So, I took SCIT 1407 & 1408 thinking I was going to do the 2 year ADN program. I then decided that I would rather focus on getting my BSN. I have contacted several 2 year schools and several 4 year Universities and I am being told that the SCIT courses will not transfer. So, my questions are...

    Is there a list of Universities in Texas that will allow these SCIT courses to transfer? Not just in DFW area, but anywhere in Texas? I have tried to contact these universities myself, but it takes forever to hear back from them.

    My second question is if there are no other universities that will accept these courses then do you have to take the Bio 2401 & 2402 all together, or is there another quick class that you can do just for the lab dissection?

    I would more than likely stay and do the 2 year ADN program, but we are looking to move this summer and even the community colleges that are in Texas are not accepting the SCIT courses.

    Any info is greatly appreciated. BTW the only schools I have heard of that accept these courses are...

    UTA- I hear there is a huge waiting list
    Baylor- I can't justify spending $80 grand on tuition.
    I think Tarlenton in Fort Worth accepts it too, but not sure about that one.

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    I only know UTA accepts SCIT courses. It's funny because these courses are the same as BIOL 2401-02 (my professor teaches SCiT and BIOL students in a single class). Why dont universities accept them?