HCC Coleman College Attendance

  1. I'm thinking about applying for the ASN program at Houston Community College this coming fall. I also have a out of country trip that I have planned for the first week of classes. How much info would I miss on the VERY FIRST week, and how would it effect my chances of passing in the program?
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  3. by   lildebbie
    I don't advise you to miss any nursing class. Some classes count attendance as apart of your grade or mandatory. If your trip can wait..let it wait. Missing a whole week of school is missing alot of material in your first semester.
  4. by   nursewannabe71
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    I am not in the nursing program YET at Coleman BUT I do know they are VERY VERY strict about missing classes! They do not let you miss more than one class in the pre-requisites,so I cannot imagine letting you miss in nursing school! I did have some luck in one of my pre-req classes,that started the week prior before I was supposed to go on a family vacation.The very 1st class day,I told the teacher of my situation,The very 1st test day,was the day after I was to leave for vaca.Talked to the teacher who referred me to miss/Mrs? Johnson(head of the prgrm-back n forth crud), and the teacher gave me a break! So,if you have to, let them know asap so they dont think your blowing off their class or test etc. GOOD LUCK!