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  1. Hi,
    Need input! I have worked as an RN in a hospital for 10 months, then as an agency nurse for 3 months, then in a Nursing Home for 4 years (on the floor and in the office helping the DON and ADON). During that 4 year stent, I saw 4 DON's come and go. The work load on the floor (10-6) became so bad (not to mention the bad DON) I had to quit that job. I then found a job closer to home as a MDS Coordinator in a facility closer to home. After I got started in my new position, I found that the MDS's were 3-4 months behind and the TILE's were 2 months behind :trout: . I could never get them caught up, and they let me go 2 weeks before Christmas :icon_evil: (great Christmas present). The work load from my previous employment began to affect my health. I am an older nurse (43), and am beginning to feel the aches and pains of being on my feet for long hours and the lack of sleep due to the long hours and over time.

    I am looking to change jobs, but wish to stay in nursing and or health field.

    I enjoyed doing the office work doing the TILE's, hated the MDS's though. I would like to be able to work from home if possible, but not happening any time soon. I am considering going back to school or on line training for Medical Transcription, but not sure yet. My husband has frequent Dr. appointments, which I have to take him to, due to him having CHF.

    Does any one have any suggestions as to what areas of nursing I could check into (and pays just as well) that would not be too taxing on my health? I live in a rural area so I have to drive at least 30 miles one way to any job and there are a limited number of hospitals in this area. I do not want to be a DON or ADON, I've seen what they have to do and go through on a daily basis. NO THANK YOU! I am tired of the uncertainty of not being able to keep a job in this rural area for any length of time. Every one hiring has only 12 hour shifts and that is too hard on the "old" aging body.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   maryloufu
    What about a state school or state hospital job? They do not seem to be as physically taxing. Good benefits- you might check into it.