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  1. Hello to all, I will be relocating to DFW area from Detroit, Mi in June 2010. I am a RN of 5 years. My Specialy is ER. My question is how difficult is it to find a job from out of state. I will be in Dallas Feb 12 - 15 to visit and look around. I would love to work for the VA. My other interests are Parkland, Texas Health Resources, and Baylor. How's the ER at these facilities. What type of pay can I expect. I have been looking into Arlington and Cedar Hill for housing, what is the drive like from these areas? Im already Licensed in Texas. I would appreciate any and all info the positive and negative, and a big thank you in advance.

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  3. by   KSSLVN
    Hey, I'm a nurse in the Houston area so I can't help you much. I do know that all VA jobs are posted on the government website Good Luck!!