Endangered by nursing school politics?!?!

  1. Since the beginning of last Fall, the faculty at my school have had a problem with our class. Actually, they have problems with those who will stoop to any level to disrespect them, even if it means yelling at them in front of the entire class, forwarding a copy of a nasty email to the entire class originally intended for the instructor, or defying clinical instructors' authority when they don't get their way.
    We have spoken with the BSN coordinator (of whom has received hate mail and in-class humiliation) concerning this and how we can stop all of the chaos. She has told us that the issue is now being taken to the head school and legal action is being taken by the university and by some of the students!! Reportedly, clinical instructors will be lost over this issue and whatever is surrounding it (I know I don't have the full story). She also told us that she will not be writing any recommendation letters for our class and that this situation puts our entire class in danger of getting jobs in the Medical Center once we graduate. Not only that, but we still have a year left of school and those people are making a bad name for our class among the nursing faculty at our school thereby making it harder on all of us.
    I really need some advice/opinions if you think this will really effect me and what I can do to exclude myself as much as possible and make a good name for myself. Please help...thanks in advance!
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