El Paso Info? Thinking of moving in soon!

  1. I'm an LVN - and a CHPLN - Certified Hospice & Paliative Care Licensed Nurse... and I'm seriously considering moving to El Paso. Currently living in
    San Antonio.

    Would love some info about best/worst hospitals - and/or hospices in EP.

    I would be moving to be with the love-of-my life...who is also moving to El Paso. He is planning on relocating to the West side. I would be moving into
    my own apartment for a while - so am most interested in locations where I
    would not have to travel great distances for a user-friendly work environment.

    Understand New Mexico is quickly accessible. Have minimal knowledge of this area so any advice or suggestions would be very appreciated.

    Thanks much!
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  3. by   Bluehair
    Can't tell you a whole lot re: specific hospitals in your preferred speciality. I have more critical care background. In general I think Las Palmas and Del Sol have pretty good overall reputations. If you are on the west side, depending on what you think is a long drive, you can drive to Las Cruces, NM to work as well. It could take you maybe 45 min depending on time of day and depending on exactly how far west you land.
    It is a LOT drier in El Paso than San Antonio!!!! Get ready, the March winds have been blowing and the local dust storms in El Paso can be impressive at times. Personally I love the airport there, exceptionally EASY to get in and out, very fast, reasonable overnight parking if you need it, etc. Not living there now, but it's pretty recent info (less than 6 months). Hope this helps! Good luck on your move!!!!