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Anyone out there? If you are applying for the Fall '07 class, what are your: 1) Pre-req GPA 2) Hours of Support Courses 3) Support Courses GPA I have this: 1) 4.0 2) 9 hrs 3) 3.67... Read More

  1. by   lavatea
    Quote from mysterious_one
    HI, you said you are looking into Concord for an LVN program, I am not sure, but do I understand it right, that you do have all your prereqs necessary to start the RN program at El Centro? I would definitely recommend , you would look into this, Concord is just so expansive, I looked at it too, before I started.
    I got accepted last fall at El Centro with a prerq GPA of 4.0 and only one support class , that also a 4.0. But as Amy said, I finished all my support courses before the program actually started, and I am so glad. I am now going into my sec. semester.
    I do have the pre-reqs for El Centro's LVN program. The main reason why I'm considering Concorde over El Centro for the LVN is that I can start much earlier. El Centro's actually closer to me and much cheaper, but it's hard for me to stomach the thought of having to wait until late August to begin. :uhoh21:

    I don't have all the pre-reqs for the ADN program at El Centro (I don't think...). I was working on pre-reqs for the BSN program at TWU. I'm short Statistics, Microbiology and Chemistry. That's at least one semester of work left. You can't apply until you're finished with your pre-reqs, so the earliest entry point I could apply for would be Spring 2008. I could be done with my LVN at the same time that I would be starting the BSN at TWU.

    So, I can keep plugging away at my pre-reqs and not be able to do any kind of nursing until early Summer 2010, or I could do an LVN program, start nursing Summer 2008 and bridge to an RN and be done at the same time. Granted, I will just be an RN not a BSN, but pay looks about the same. I can finish up the BSN later on.
  2. by   maurabartley
    I'm applying for EC/NL for Fall 07 and have a 4.0 in all my pre-reqs and all support classes have been completed with a 4.0 in those as well. I also have a prior BA (in Business).
  3. by   JaxiaKiley
    Sounds like you are golden Have you taken the HESI yet, Maura?

    (I'm starting at El Centro this Spring)
  4. by   maurabartley
    Congratulations on your new adventure! I'm not "golden" at all just older and wiser - will be 50 when I start in the Fall!! But from reading the posts on allnurses sometimes I think I'm not being wise at all getting into nursing at my age but then I look into my mind and heart and think "yea, I'm making the right decision."

    I haven't taken the HESI, yet. They weren't scheduling the ADN people until January so all the other Allied Health people could take it before December 31st - their deadline. El Centro had some delays in getting the HESI into the testing center and setting all the parameters. But I did take the review class and am now studying/reviewing!!

    I've been in a few different industries/positions and there are problems in all of them just like the posts here. I'm probably making the same amount of money now as I will my first few years in nursing but I don't have the same opportunity or variety as I hope nursing will bring for my most "productive" years!! I'm a single parent with an 18yo son and am bored. But I do need to figure out a way to pay for all of it - tuition, books, living expenses, etc.
  5. by   JaxiaKiley
    lol, I meant golden as in your chances of not getting in are slim to none

    Yeah, I was actually making more money than I will make in my first few years of nursing, but I just didn't get the personal satisfaction out of it that I feel I will get out of nursing. I, too, have to figure out how to pay for it though!
  6. by   PreNurseKirk
    Maura - we may be taking the HESI at the same time looks like. Last I heard they are handing out the HESI referrals on Jan 2nd.

    I'm with y'all about the money/satifaction. I am a freelance graphic artist, and by the grace of God have recently fallen into an ideal situation making $50/hr...40 hrs week. Not sure how long the gig will last, but from the looks of things it could be long term. I have a lot of debt to pay (car, credit cards, loans, medical bills, etc) so I'm trying to save every penny so I can get closer to going to school full-time and ditch the design work.

    I would still like to do design on the side, but am really hoping to find my niche in nursing.

    ~ Bridget
  7. by   maurabartley
    Bridget - what program are you hoping to get into? El Centro's? I've been thinking about going to the NL campus. I'll be taking a Nutrition class there in the Spring and will see how I like it there.
  8. by   PreNurseKirk
    Quote from maurabartley
    Bridget - what program are you hoping to get into? El Centro's? I've been thinking about going to the NL campus. I'll be taking a Nutrition class there in the Spring and will see how I like it there.
    I would prefer El Centro since I live way out in Rockwall, but the more I think about it - I may just finish up the BSN pre-reqs and apply to TWUs BSN program. I will still apply to ECC for the Fall just to see what happens.
  9. by   maurabartley
    Whatever you decide to do - good luck!! :spin:
  10. by   sejin
    Hi maura,

    How was the HESI prep course? I will be attending it in a couple weeks; did the teachers provide good techniques to defeat the HESI test?

    I also have a question about health insurance. Are we supposed to send in some kind of proof along with the application packet, or do we just present it whenever we do our clinical rotations? As in, do we not need any health insurance until late August?
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  11. by   maurabartley
    Ok - I am glad I took the course just because she can give you a better idea of what the test is like. My instructor - Stahl - took the HESI before teaching the prep course and although she doesn't tell you exact questions she still can give you an a feel for the test. You probably won't need it the prep course but she did give us practice tests on the different areas and for me that helped on the area I'm having my main anxiety over - Math! It has been some years since my math class and I don't use a great amount of math in my daily life - so I kinda lost all that knowledge that I once had!!

    There is another thread on the HESI entrance and one guy passed it with A++++++++++ (his words) and he was worried also about the math but I told him what was on the Math portion and he said it helped.

    Bottom line - I'm glad I took the prep course.

    Concerning insurance - my interpretation is that you need it for the rotations so don't need it until August.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
  12. by   sejin
    Hmm Math. I'm a bit more worried about Anatomy *gulp*

    Can anyone confirm about the health insurance? Just want to make sure
  13. by   sejin
    "Bump" Sorry!:trout: