did you go to school or work in Lubbock?

  1. I am going to south plains College this coming Jan 07.
    Covenant will pay up to 2,500 toward my LVN program if I will signup to work for them 1 yr.
    I was wondering if anyone had some advice about the sign on with
    If anyone has some advice for me on the LVN program, I would love to hear from them.
    I am going to take the LVN to RN after I have worked one year as a LVN.
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  3. by   wtxcchp
    I went to Tech in Lubbock & worked at UMC and Covenant prior to my current job in corrections. I had two EMTs who worked for me that went to LVN school. One went to South Plains College. The other went to Covenant.

    I really can't say if one is better than the other.

    I worked at Covenant for 9months. I hated it. That was in 1993 so it may have changed since then. They had mandatory floating to other floors. I came from a teaching hospital where everyone worked together and when there was a code, everyone pitched in (even if it wasn't their patient - MDs included). This was not the case at Covenant. Nurses would sit in front of the call system and when it went off look to see if it was their patient. If it wasn't they would just keep on sitting. That wasn't the way I wanted to work. So I quit and went running back to UMC. Thank God I hadn't burned any bridges before I left. I was happy to tell them the grass wasn't greener on the other side.

    Just my opinion and it may have changed. Try and talk to a few nurses going through this program. Most people can handle almost anything for 1 year. If it is more than that, I would have serious concerns.

    BTW - the EMT that went to Covenant is doing her time and calls me weekly to see if I have any current openings. She has already said she is out the door as soon as her contract is up.

    Good luck to you whatever you decide.
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    Did clinicals at Covenant and UMC. Run, don't walk from Covenant. Large percentage of the nastiest nurses you will ever meet (except in the ER and the Dialysis unit, they were great). Angry, unhelpful, small-minded...are the mildest words I would use to describe my experiences there. I believe they've moved clinicals from some of the floors over there due to the unprofessionalism and hostility of some of the units. I don't understand how nurses can survive in such a toxic environment. Of course, there are good nurses at Covenant and not-so-good nurses elsewhere, just had bad experiences over there consistently. Have you investigated UMC for a scholarship? No matter what you decide, best of luck to you in your education and new career!
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    Quote from kellerpatty

    Did clinicals at Covenant and UMC. Run, don't walk from Covenant. !
    Thanks for your response.
    I have been looking around but have not come up with a better program than that one at Covenant. All I have heard about Covenant is bad but like you say, "12 months is not that long" but, if your unhappy, it could feel like 36 months LOL.

    I was thinking about calling some of the nursing homes and see if they could help me out with some of the expense's if I signed with them. I was really wanting the hospital experience though. I guess we can't always get our own way. I am just happy that I got into school.
    Take care
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