Dallas Childrens Medical Center Residency Program Feb 2018

  1. Hey guys!
    The application for the nursing residency program at Children's Medical Center in Dallas ended today! I noticed there wasn't a thread about it yet! I found out about it last minute and just submitted my application today! Anyone else apply for the February 2018 start? Lets keep in contact!!
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  3. by   newgradrntx
    i did a video recording interview last week! But have not heard anything yet about an in person one
  4. by   cerobertson13
    Has anyone else heard back from Dallas Children's?
  5. by   newgradrntx
    I know a couple people at my school who have gotten calls and have done the video recording interview. Now are waiting to hear about in person interviews. I dont know anyone who has an in-person yet. They said in person interviews are on Oct 13th and 16th
  6. by   NurseBAP
    I haven't heard anything at all so far, ugh that makes me nervous
  7. by   cerobertson13
    I haven't heard anything either. I called last week and they told me they wouldn't start calling until all applicants are reviewed.
  8. by   NurseBAP
    Have you done a video interview too? I haven't even been contacted to do that so now I'm nervous
  9. by   cerobertson13
    No I haven't! I was thinking about calling them again tomorrow or Friday.
  10. by   TTUBSN
    Does anyone elses job status say inactive?
  11. by   cerobertson13
    Yes! I called about that and they said that was because they closed the application.
  12. by   TTUBSN
    Oh Ok thank goodness! i was worried for a sec!
  13. by   UTABSN122017
    I was told the video interviews are sent to the managers of the three areas you selected in the initial phone interview. I would guess the managers take time to review each one closely and that emails will be sent to those managers have interest in and in person interviews set up if managers want one 10/13 and 10/16. You could be directly accepted without an in person interview also.
  14. by   newgradrntx
    they told you that its possible to be accepted without doing an in person interview?