Dallas Childrens Medical Center Residency Program Feb 2018 - page 2

Hey guys! The application for the nursing residency program at Children's Medical Center in Dallas ended today! I noticed there wasn't a thread about it yet! I found out about it last minute and... Read More

  1. by   UTABSN122017
    Yes and that made sense due to the fact they are interviewing for 2 days, that would be a ton of interviews for the managers to do in 2 days. I also saw for people accepted in July that some received a call with an offer an did not interview in person also.
  2. by   cerobertson13
    So if you did not get a video interview initially, does that mean you are out of the selection process?
  3. by   UTABSN122017
    I am in no way an expert but I would imagine the process takes at least 2 months for them to complete. You have to imagine that not everyone who did video interviews already will be offered positions. Even if someone is offered a position for 1 of the 3 areas he/she selected, that still leaves 2 areas that did not select that person. I would think they selection process is no where close to being over yet so do not count yourself out.
  4. by   newgradrntx
    Yes i agree! unless you have gotten a rejection email i would still consider yourself in the running!
  5. by   mga17
    Anyone else apply on the last day? Wondering if that's why I haven't heard anything!
  6. by   cgoldsmith
    I did a digital interview. I'm waiting in anticipation for a call this week or next! Good luck everyone!
  7. by   newgradrntx
    still waiting to hear after the digital interview also!!
  8. by   cgoldsmith
    I have a friend who got a call for 3 interviews. I still haven't heard anything though. I'm worried I may be out of the running since I haven't heard anything.
  9. by   UTABSN122017
    I was notified today that I would receive an email tomorrow with info about my scheduled interviews
  10. by   newgradrntx
    what units?
  11. by   newgradrntx
    @UTABSN did they call you to tell you that?
  12. by   UTABSN122017
    Sorry, this is such a late reply. Grace Torbett, the recruiter I had my phone interview with, texted me yesterday to let me know I was selected to be included in on site interviews and asked what day worked best for me. She also said that I would confirmation emails today listing dates, times, locations and other details for interview. She did not say what departments or if they were any of my top 3 choices. I will let you know more as soon as I get the email.
  13. by   newgradrntx
    Yes she just emailed me! I have an interview for cardiac ICU. so nervous! anyone else interviewing for CVICU?