Cut-off for admission in NHMCCD LVN program

  1. Does anybody know the cut-off points for any of the North Harris Montgomery Community College LVN programs?

    I have searched on here and found that the cutoff for NHMCCD ADN program is around 11.06-11.1 for Fall and around 11.3-11.4 for Spring admission.

    Thanks :-)
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  3. by   cesRN
    I am not sure about each individual campus in the district but Cy-Fair College's deadline for fall is as follows:

    Licensed Vocational Nursing program
    Fall: January 17 - March 30

    I know the other district campuses, Montgomery, Kingwood, Tombal also have LVN programs. I would contact the Nursing department of the respective college to verify their deadlines.

    North Harris College does not. That campus only offers an ADN/RN
  4. by   pdmech73
    I meant the cutoff for the point scale they use for ranking applicants. ADN has a 12 point scale, and the LVN programs have an 8 point scale.

  5. by   cesRN
    LOL, sorry about that. It was a late night of studying. Hopefully I remember what I did study