Cook Children's Residency - June 2014 cohort - page 2

Hi All - I'm just starting on my application for the June 2014 Cohort Residency program at Cook Children's Hospital. Anyone else out there also applying? Any Texas nursing students out there?... Read More

  1. by   UMnurse310
    Any idea how many people they interviewed? They told me they typically have cohorts of about 15 residents...
  2. by   twuh
    has anyone else heard anything?
  3. by   UMnurse310
    Unfortunately I have not Getting a bit worried...Anyone else?
  4. by   rdavis1
    Hi, can anyone who works at cook children's tell me how they like it? How is the residency program?
  5. by   futurernbsn2015
    does anyone have any advice for the interview? What type of questions were asked? Any help is greatly appreciated.