Completely Lost!

  1. Bear with me here, I'm confused so I might pass that on :chuckle

    I'm Looking to apply for the Nursing Program at HCC, although I know I have a few prerecs to finish before hand.
    Does the nursing program only start in the fall?
    I recently moved to Texas, so I'm trying to prove residency.
    Is it Possible to take my pre recs as summer classes? I have some college credits from Washington so hopefully I won't need to take any tests, it's just so hard trying to get a hold of someone at HCC to help me out! I need the lab, pysch, and one other class.

    Any comments are welcome!
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  3. by   djNyla
    I'm currently taking pharmacology right now at HCC for nursing. I don't know if they have the nursing program starting in the Spring. I know the Coleman tab on the HCC website might have that information. Before you start, you need to have at least their required pre-reqs out of the way. When you prove to them that you do, via transcript, and apply to the program, they allow you to sit and take the HESI test. If you meet the minimum requirements on the the HESI test, they allow you to registure for pharmacology. You have to pass pharmacology with a 75 or better and the math portion with a 90 or better. Once you have completed all of that you are now elgible to start their nursing program. They will inform you via mail after everything is complete. Pre-req classes are offered in the summertime, so yes you can take them at any campus.