College of The Mainland Spring 2013

  1. Hello everyone, is there anyone applying for the Spring 2013 ADN programs at COM??
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  3. by   jcarrier
    I have applied to the Spring 2013 program.
  4. by   LB1211
    Thats awesome I have been trying to find others that have applied and a place to network as well.
  5. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to the Texas State Nursing Programs forum.
  6. by   amautmb
    Quote from LB1211
    Hello everyone, is there anyone applying for the Spring 2013 ADN programs at COM??
    Yes! I am applying!
  7. by   jcarrier
    I wonder how many have applied so far. The Fall 2012 class had a lot of people on all nurses posting their comments. Hope more people will join, and hopefully we will see each other for the Spring semester.
  8. by   LB1211
    about 2 weeks ago they had about 25 applicants. yes i hope so too @ jcarrier!!
  9. by   atrain010
    I'm apply also ! But I think my points are kind of low compared to the other forums... I have about 98, so I'm retaking the TEAS in a couple of weeks :/ so they're only accepting 20 right? or is it 30?
  10. by   LB1211
    @atrain010 they are accepting TEAS score of 30.
  11. by   atrain010
    Oh when i said 20/30 I meant students ! Lol not the score lol
  12. by   jcarrier
    Yea my score was low too, but I do know that someone got in for the Fall semester with like 60 something points. I am placing it in God's hands. Hopefully we will be able to get to know each other next semester for Nursing. Good luck to all.
  13. by   atrain010
    Does anybody know about how many people applied for spring ??
  14. by   rachv77
    I also applied for Spring 2013!!! They are accepting 50 people this time!!! I know the highest score for the Fall semester was like 98... The nursing people said that 122 was a very high score so hopefully I will not have anything to worry about!!!