College of the Mainland Spring 2017 ADN

  1. Hello all! I just logged onto my webaccess and my nursing application changed from submitted to accepted! I'm thrilled! I am new to the forum, I have browsed but haven't posted. I didn't see anything yet for Spring 2017 applicants, and I know I can't be the only one! Looking forward to meeting my new classmates and finally on the path to fulfilling my career goals of being a travel nurse one day.

    Also, if any current or past students have any advice, it is definitely welcome!! The adviser told me when I applied that I was in the top percentile of applicants as far as scoring goes, but I have no idea what my points ended up being. I'm going to go up there tomorrow to drop some financial aid stuff off, so I will try to find out then.

    Only concern I have is that I have a lot of visible tattoos, a half sleeve on my lower left arm and the start of one on the other. I checked dress code, and long sleeve undershirts and/or lab coats are allowed....I just hope it is freezing in the classrooms and hospitals!
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  3. by   Zenaidan
    Hello Jessica I too just logged onto my webadvisor and saw I was accepted. Been trying to read up on the program. I'm pretty nervous due to having something on my record from like 5 years ago done the whole DO with the BON so hoping I hear back from them soon. But hopefully we get to meet in class .
  4. by   jessica314
    I actually am a little worried about that too. I got a ticket about 3 years ago for expired registration, and didn't pay it in time. Got a warrant and didn't know about it until I was pulled over and they arrested me. I got it taken care of, did some community service and paid my fines. I don't know if it is going to come up or not. I am not sure how to start getting my BON, I am waiting for the email from COM for the information to get it started. If it doesn't come back clear, I will have to do a DO, but I'm worried it won't be done in time for the Spring semester.

    Other than that, I am so excited to start!
  5. by   afordangel
    Hello, I will be in the program with you all. I have been accepted into COM registered nursing program. I am so excited.
  6. by   jessica314
    YEAAH! Congrats. The email finally went out for the further instructions. I already paid for my background check through the precheck website, and will do the drug test later this month. Where are y'all getting your titers done at? I need my hep B series, I started it already but I definitely need to get on the titers asap. I can't wait to start shopping for uniforms.
  7. by   jessica314
    Well, I passed my background check-woohoo!!
  8. by   Ijeomaokeke610
    I got accepted for spring 2017 also. Do you know when we do the drug test?
  9. by   london.pretti
    i know this forum is old, but can anyone tell me how the school is and what the stats are?