Central Texas College LVN-RN HESI?

  1. Did CTC offical change their entrance test to the HESI? Also if I already took the NET does anyone know if I have to take the HESI also. Lastly, WHen is the deadline for the bridge class that starts in aug.
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  3. by   KMatty
    I happened to speak with the CTC Killeen Nursing Department this morning and the individual I spoke with confirmed that they have indeed switched to the HESI entrance exam. For more information, go to the CTC website and search HESI. I have also copied the link below:

    As for what that means for individuals who have already taken the NET I'm not really sure, but since the HESI is more comprehensive I'm guessing that they may require the HESI for all students. Your best bet is to give the nursing dept. a call directly. They are very helpful and will be the best way to get the correct answers to your questions. Best wishes to you!