Blinn 2018 admission

  1. How has applied to the 2018 fall admission for Blinn, specifically the lvn program? Did anyone get in yet?
    ADN and bridge program are welcome to reply.
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  3. by   SF12
    I applied & currently on the alternate list.
  4. by   Lala800
    I got accepted, do you know what alternate # you are?
  5. by   SF12
    I am currently the 3rd on the list
  6. by   SF12
    How long did it take for you to get a response ?
  7. by   Lala800
    I was accepted, I wasn't put on the alternate list. I think it was April 15
  8. by   SF12
    Oh okay
  9. by   courtneyphillips
    Hi! I was accepted to the ADN program for fall 2018
  10. by   SF12
    I got accepted into the LVN fall 2018
  11. by   allysonc
    I am working as a caregiver right now but have interest in pursuing CNA/CMA then an RN degree. What all do I need to do to be a good applicant for Blinn College to accept me? Any advice or tips? Do I need to do a lot of volunteering or anything that can make my application look better?
  12. by   Lala800
    Just score high enough on TEAS