Best hospital to work for in Rio Grande Valley that's not HCA?

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    So I'm looking to relocate eventually to the RGV area and wondering if there's any hospitals that nurses would say are better generally and have an acceptable/doable nurseatient ratio. It seems all the hospitals are for-profit grr.
    I know I would take a cut in pay and also have more patients but I would be able to afford a house there and where I am now I won't ever be able to.
    And just so you know, I am an tele/pcu/stepdown nurse with more than a decade of experience. I lived in Mexico for eight years and speak Spanish fluently.

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  3. by   zacarias
    C'mon I know there's someone with info!
  4. by   SageTXRN
    South Texas Health System is the biggest in the Valley and they have several hospitals in the McAllen area. I did most of my clinical rotations in their hospitals. Doctor's Hospital at Renaissance is another hospital in the area. It's very nice looking and has all the latest equipment but it's very much run like a business with a getting patients in and out as fast as possible mentality. The pay is a little better in this hospital as opposed to those in STHS but I personally wouldn't work there. Valley Baptist Health System is in the lower Valley and they have hospitals in Harlingen and Brownsville. They have good sign on bonuses right now. There is also Harlingen Medical Center.
  5. by   zacarias

    Thanks for the info. Do you still live/work in RGV? It is kind of disheartening that most hospitals in South Texas are all for profit organizations. I guess I'm spoiled up here in Washington State where not-for-profit is how we do things up here. I will check out South Texas Health System and Doctor's Hospital. Thanks again.

  6. by   SageTXRN
    I still live in the RGV but I'm trying to get my first job in Houston. I just passed my NCLEX a month ago. The good news for you is that you should be able to walk into a job. They are offering jobs to students before they even graduate here as there are so many vacancies due to expansion. The health care field is thriving down here.