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  1. [font=Comic Sans MS]I was hoping to get some advice from Austin area nurses about what is a reasonable starting pay to offer an LVN with 1-2 years office experience.
    [font=Comic Sans MS]I will be losing my exceptionally bright LVN that I have had in my family practice office for the last 7 years due to her move to Florida.
    [font=Comic Sans MS] I will be advertising soon in my local classified, and am trying to figure out a reasonable starting pay these days. I have seen ads or threads offering from $11.50 to $17 an hour which seems a little low, even for starters. My nurse made more than that (but also had lots of experience). Talking to LVN's at a local nursing home,they claimed to make more than that too. In order to attract someone with very strong attributes away from big clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals, what do you feel is an acceptable amount to offer?
    [font=Comic Sans MS] I greatly appreciate whatever input you can provide.

    [font=Comic Sans MS]thanx,

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