Austin, TX Nursing & NP School

  1. Considering moving to Austin in two years to establish residency and then attend UT Austin for PMHNP school.

    I read a few posts on the area. Wondering what kind of pay I can expect. I make nearly $24/hr now and will be bumped up to nearly $27/hr after my 1 year of experience (in a few weeks).

    If all goes as planned and I move when I expect to I will have three years of acute care Orthopedic experience.

    What is your experience with pay like? I live in South Florida and it looks like the cost of living in Austin is slightly lower though I have a friend in Austin who I think would let me rent a room for inexpensive.

    Any other advice would be appreciated. I'd love to know good hospitals to check out as well as I am visiting in November.
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