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  1. I am entering Level I classes this August and have questions about the clinicals.

    Background information:
    After an unsuccessful attempt at Spring 2012's application cycle, I decided to get my EMT certification. I completed my national certification testing earlier this month and was so excited upon hearing I had passed the exam that I decided to put in some applications for a PRN position with St. David's. I got a call back (entirely unexpected) the next day and scheduled an interview for the following week (!!!). I thought this would be a great experience to practice interviewing for healthcare positions and nothing more. Furthermore, I fully anticipated an long and greuling interview process, including a second interview. I was offered the position on the spot. As the excitement subsides and reality sets in, here is my delimma: I also hold another part time (~10 hours per week) position that occurs on Monday, Wedneday, and Friday.

    That being said, here are my questions-

    From what I've read so far, clinical hours are either Thurs/Fri or Fri/Sat. Once you are assigned to a clinical schedule, is there flexibility within that schedule?

    How are the hours distributed among the shifts? Two eight-hour shifts? One twelve and one four?

    What are the times that are available for clinicals?
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  3. by   GeekGirl
    Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to your questions. Clinical schedules will be based on two factors: 1) Site availability and 2) your assigned clinical site & days/times.

    During Level 1 in Hybrid my assigned clinical days were Wednesdays and Thursdays. In addition labs, classes, and exams were scheduled on Monday and Tuesday. Clinical days can be 6 hours, 8 hours or 12 hours. Be prepared that you will rarely have much notice and there is little, if any, flexibility. Most people that I know holding jobs during school had to switch to either purely weekend or PRN schedules as anything else was at best challenging, if not impossible. I would encourage you to contact the Nursing Office or your campus-specific instructors to ask for more information related to your upcoming semester and your work requirements.

    Congrats on your new position at St. David's and best of luck at ACC!