Austin Community College LVN program Fall 2010

  1. I just got my acceptance letter for the fall 2010 LVN program at ACC. I noticed while looking at the Spring 2010 registration schedule that there are several sections of level 1 courses that haven't filled up. Anyone know anything about this?

    I emailed someone in the department to see if there was anyway i could start in the spring. Are there any other fall 2010 people thinking the same thing, or have you heard anything regarding this?

    I'm hoping if i cant start in the spring, a physiology section will open up so i can get my last RN pre req out of the way and possibly apply to that program.
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  3. by   texasRN_14
    Congrats!!! I got mine in the mail this morning!!

    A woman from the office called me the other and said that several people had asked about spring spots being open but that they weren't enough to go around. She left it on my voicemail and I wasn't really sure what she meant. I was meaning to call back but completely forgot.

    I too am finishing up my RN prereqs. I just have to take Anatomy and Physiology. I am enrolled in Anat. for this spring and am going to try and take Phys. this summer. Are you going to apply for the alternate entry or mobility track when you're done?
  4. by   sarahcooper
    My husband and I are actually moving to Maryland after I graduate from the LVN program. I'm planning on doing a 3 semester lvn (or lpn as its called there) to RN bridge program at montgomery college (in maryland).

    If for some reason we decide not to move, I will probably apply to ACC's mobility track. The only pre req I have left is physiology, but it looks like all of the spring sections are full! I'm going to try to get into one during add/drops the first week, otherwise i am going to take it in the summer.

    I'm so excited to start the lvn program, I don't know how I'm going to stand waiting until next fall!
  5. by   texasRN_14
    Wow that's quite a move! Good luck with that when the time comes.

    As for classes being full, tell me about it, I moved to Austin last December and I am just now able to get into an anatomy class at all. That is a big reason I decided to go the LVN route first. I am hoping that I can do phys. this summer, the teacher selection is not looking so hot so far.

    It will be nice to know someone in class already! So you've already taken micro? I just finished it this fall and I really enjoyed it. It will be nice to have one less class to worry about.

    I am so anxious for this year to hurry up and get here. I am getting married in March so I have a very big and exciting year ahead.
  6. by   sarahcooper
    congratulations on your wedding!! you have your hands full this year!

    i took microbiology over the summer and i loved it. as for physiology (which i will most likely take in the summer) i am at the point where i don't care what prof. i get...and i have found that they usually go easier on you in the summer semester.

    i'm glad to know someone in the class too! i just ordered my stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff with a scrubs and beyond giftcard i got for christmas. haha. i'm a little bit ahead of myself, but i think that if i start practicing now the skills will be easier to master once i am actually in class.

    are you on facebook? if you are, add me!

    i'm so anxious to get another letter from the vng program with info on uniforms and stuff!
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  7. by   texasRN_14
    omgosh this is going to sound a little weird but i just looked at your facebook and you were in my a&p class this summer! wow, what a small world!!! i wish he still taught regulary anatomy, i really enjoyed him.

    anyway, thank you, i am so ready for the wedding!

    i already have a bpcuff and stethoscope from when i worked as a cna but i think i am going to order some new and better ones just because... haha. i think i am most excited about getting uniforms and stuff. on acc lvn website you can actually see the schedule for classes and stuff for fall and spring so i have been being a little nosey and looking through it. i think it's going to be really overwhelming at first but really exciting!

    hopefully more class mates will discover this website, it is a great resource!
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  8. by   sarahcooper
    haha he was the coolest professor i have had at acc. i loved him! our table was always making up naughty ways to memorize the models for the practicals!

    i just looked at your facebook, i remember you! how did you do in the class?

    i've been snooping through the acc lvn stuff too, i'm kind of sad that we have to wear white tops because i am not graceful enough to avoid spilling on them! i want to start purchasing uniforms now so that i will have quite a few of them for clinicals, i don't want to have to keep washing the same ones.
  9. by   texasRN_14
    i did well! i hated how long our classes were but it wasn't too bad. i definitely hope that if i get into a phys. class this summer its more than once a week!

    awe, i didn't know the uniforms for class were white, that sucks because i am super clumsy too! don't we get to where whatever kind of scrubs we want for class?
  10. by   sarahcooper
    luckily only the tops are white, the bottoms are green.

    do we get to wear scrubs to class?? awesome if we do, that will make getting dressed in the morning way easier.

    why does the registration schedule for spring still have soooo many open spots?? im so confused and they haven't returned my email. grrr.
  11. by   texasRN_14
    i'm pretty sure but then again i'm not positive. i just know at eastview i always see people in scrubs constantly! way more than i think i would see if it were just people who had a health related job. but again, i would love to wear scrubs to class as well, sooo much easier, especially since we are going to be busy and exhausted!

    have you received an email back yet?
  12. by   sarahcooper
    yeah i got an email back saying that there is no space for anyone else in the spring semester, and that if a space opens up they will offer it to the applicants who applied first based on their application date...who knows how early some people applied for fall semester. she also said that if i haven't heard from her by january 8th that it means i will definitely wait until fall.

    i'm so confused because according to the registration schedule there are so many open spots!! i read on the ACC lvn website under student resources, semester 1 that those accepted for the spring 2010 semester had until jan. 4th at 5pm to tell the health science coordinator whether they wanted to defer until fall or go in the spring, otherwise they have to reapply to the program.

    i can't wait for orientation so we can find out about uniforms/scrubs for class/etc.
  13. by   texasRN_14
    that does seem weird that the site is showing so many open spots. i can't wait till we start getting more info, too! i know lvn isn't as competitive as the rn program but i was so nervous to turn in my application. i got to the office as soon as possible after they finally posted grades but there were still people ahead of me, crazy!

    i'm excited for orientation and stuff to see all the people in our class and if we'll know anyone else.
  14. by   texasRN_14
    now that letters of intent have gone out, have any other future classmates ventured onto this site? i am starting to get so nervous and excited!

    the only thing i'm worried about is that they do an employment search on the background checks and i technically quick a job or two without notice when i was in high school, does anyone think this will affect me? i surely hope not because they were horrible horrible waitressing jobs but still, nerve wracking when they check for that stuff.