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  1. Hi all! I am a mom of 3 in San Marcos finishing up my prereqs and getting ready to apply to ACC in fall of 2007 to the RN program. I have heard such different information regarding wait times. Ive heard 6 months, and Ive heard 3 years? Does anyone have experience in the wait time at ACC? I am really curious. I'd also love to hear how Anatomy and Physiology went for you! Thanks. I can't wait to read some posts!:spin:
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  3. by   sshannon
    I am in the second semester of the ACC RN program. I had all my prereqs and coreqs completed when I applied with a 4.0 GPA and a 10 on the HESI. I waited one semester, which wasn't bad at all. I am hearing an average wait time of 1 year. My advice is to use the time you're waiting to get some experience as a patient care tech at one of the hospital. Or at least volunteer in the area in which you think you might like to specialize. Anything to gain some familiarity with the medical environment.

    Good luck!
  4. by   ICURNGUY
    I start in Jan. 07. I had a 3.7 with a 7 on my hesi. I also had all my pre-requisites and cores out of the way and I had 2 semsters to wait. There is a formula that deals with all those numbers on the ACC website under the ADN department that will better explain how that works. I agree with sshannon about getting into a clinical environment for experience. I just got a job as a clinical assistant on a med/surg floor that will give me great experience. It is worth the wait, and don't get frustrated or give up. Good things come to those who wait!!!
  5. by   txhorseshowgirl
    Hello to fellow TX - Im in San Antonio- Wayland Baptist University- Still trying to decide if I should go forward to finish all pre reqs and appy to the BSN program there- or do ADN at CC - however there are more pre classes to take at the CC then where I am at now gearing towards BSN... I have about 10 classes left before I can apply to BSN- if I were to xfer to CC I would almost have to take that many to get in to the ADN... so.. I wanna pull out my hair trying to figure what route.. I do know I have AP 2 Chem 1 and Micro left for science and will take those at CC because they have better teachers-So I can finish all the rest at Wayland(11 week classes) and then xfer to CC for science 16 week classes - and then apply to Wayland for BSN... I hope this is as clear as mud... thats what it seems to me!!!