Applicants for Spring 2012 (Houston area)

  1. Hi fellow Houstonians. I just want to talk to some applicants who are in my area and have applied.
    How is your status going? How did you do on your Teas and/or Hesi? Which programs did you apply for? What is your gpa?

    I just took my Teas V today, June 1, and did poorly. I got an overall adjusted score of 70.0% (UTMB only requires 58% to pass) <<< that gave me hope
    I only studied for 3 days off the ATI Study Guide.
    My gpa is a 3.1.
    Ive turned in my applications to 3 schools and ordered my transcripts already.
    Is the Teas harder or the Hesi? Did you pay $55 for the Teas?
    DO you think its easier to get in during Spring semester since there are less applicants?

    Its too late for me to get another shot at the Teas V because you can only take it once every 30 days and the deadline for Spring 2012 is roughly June 15th. This is my only shot (for the semester), sigh.

    I had a classmate who has a gpa of like 2.9 or 3.0 and I know she knows a lot LESS then me in science and she applied for Fall 2011 to UTMB. Lets see if she makes it. If she does, I have hope! Hopefully.
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    Hello. I'm applying to UTHSC and TWU-H. I haven't took the HESI or TEAS yet but my nursing GPA is 3.64 and I made all A's in my science courses. I'm really hoping to get into TWU but either will do. I missed the June 15th UTMB deadline. I heard the TEAS was harder than the HESI. And I believe the TEAS cost $100. How do you register for the TEAS? Do you register through the website or the campus?
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