Anyone going toCCCC?

  1. I am 40 and thinking of changing careers, I only have one kido left at home and she is a Jr. this year.
    I currently work in manufacturing, and would like to be a nurse.
    Is anyone currently in the nursing program at CCCC in McKinney if so, what is the schedule like?
    Do you think it is possible to work and attend nursing school at the same time? I work 12 hour night shifts, 3 on 4 off one week, then 4 on 3 off the next.
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  3. by   Silicone
    They have a good update advising session every semester on the nursing program which covers what's required for the program, what's changed from the last review, and lots of answers to questions about the program that's come up in the past. It's well worth the time. They repeat the sessions at all three campuses (even though the program itself is only available at the McKinney campus) and offer both a day and night session. The head of the program and the nursing advisor give the review. Plenty of questions get answered and you can spend time after talking to them in person.

    They haven't set dates for this semester yet, but go ahead and call the school and get transferred to advising. Set up an appointment with the nursing advisor (Meyer) not a general advisor to get your questions answered.


    edited to add:

    Here's the amount of hours from their nursing advising website (but it does change and this doesn't include the non-nursing courses needed for the program):

    First Semester
    RNSG 1360 Clinical 7.5 hours, 2 days/week
    RNSG 1523 Classroom 5 hours, 1 day/week
    RNSG 1219 Skills Lab 4 hours/week

    Second Semester
    RNSG 1361 Clinical 7.5 hours, 2 days/week
    RNSG 2504 Classroom 5 hours, 1 day/week
    RNSG 1229 Skills Lab 4 hours/week

    Third Semester
    RNSG 2460 Clinical 7.5 hours, 2 days/week
    RNSG 2514 Classroom 5 hours, 1 day/week

    Fourth Semester
    RNSG 2561 Clinical 8 hours, 2 days/week plus transition
    RNSG 2535 Classroom 5 hours, 1 day/week
    RNSG 2207 Classroom 2 hours/week
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    Thanks for the info.
  5. by   ss75069
    I'm finishing up my AP II and Micro this spring and I'll be applying to the Spring 2007 class. I'm also applying to Grayson CC as a backup.
  6. by   bbaggie
    I have a previous degree and am on my third prereq of the five classes needed at CCCCD (had to retake some classes per math/science grades too old). I have a four year old (I'm almost 28) and should be able to apply soon since five of my electives transferred over. I am banking on getting into CCCCD since my company owns Centennial Medical Center in Frisco, and I live in McKinney. I would rather get familiar with the hospitals in Collin County anyway.
    If you are interested: My company has a CAP program where they pay for your last year of Nursing (supplies, books, tuition) as long as you sign an agreement with them. Also, they are paying all books and tuition for nursing classes as long as you work more than 30 hrs a week. If your schedule now wouldnt allow you to take classes, you could check it out and see if they have any job openings at hospitals you may be interested in. go to
    Most hospitals are in Dallas, Rowlett, Carrollton area, but we do have the on e in Frisco
    P.S. Awesome health benefits too if you need those
  7. by   tx_rn_2b

    I'm the class pres for May '06 class. In regards to your question, YES it is possible to work and go to school. We have a variety of students in our program: some that work 30 hours a week and go to school; most have families (I have a 3 y.o.); some volunteer, work, and go to school.

    It's really about you - your ability to manage your life, time, and stress. Like Silicone mentioned, they have a great advising session every semester to get you familiar with the process of applying, courses that you need to take, etc. I would definitely recommend attending one of those sessions. Also, Lynne Meyer is a pre-nursing advisor that can get you on the road. You can also take a look at to get an idea of what need to do.

    If you have any more questions, let me know if I can be of further help. For those of you who are applying soon, good luck!!!