Anyone attend Lamar State College Port Arthur for LVN to RN?

  1. Hi everyone!

    Since graduating from TCHSVN in January of 2009, I've been telling myself that I'm going to go back to school to get my RN (I have all the pre-req's for it). My husband works pipeline out of town 6 days a week, and a nine month old at home kinda restricts my extra time. Therefore, I have been unable to commit going back to school; plus, I live an hour away from the two nearest community colleges.

    I'm very interested in an online LVN to RN transition program, but there aren't many options to choose from. I had heard about the Angelo State program, but there website says they are no longer offering that. I actually was accepted into the Lamar State College Port Arthur online program this past January, but they require BIOL 1322, nutrition, which I just HAPPENED to not have (go figure), and couldn't get into a class prior to their deadline. So THAT didn't happen, but they said as soon as I get that Nutrition credit under my belt, I can re-apply for January 2014.

    Today, I'm looking around the internet for this BIOL 1322 credit class, and I just happen to go to LSCPA website, now THEY have this posted:
    Future start dates have been put on hold until further notice. Students currently enrolled in the program will be permitted to finish the program.

    WTH does that mean?!?! First, I started this thread to see if there was anyone who had completed this and what was their opinion, plus any suggestions for me...but NOW...I'm kinda freaking out because this was just about my last hope.

    I'm tired of doing the same exact work and having to have the exact same credentials as the RN but getting paid a fraction of the RN salary! frustrating.

    (sorry about the ranting at the end...)
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  3. by   arlel58
    Hello guys,
    just finished lamar lvn to rn. Passed ati rn exit exam 95%. Yeeh haah..graduating aug, 16. Good luck to all.
  4. by   north
    So then why not answer the question the OP posted, arlel58?
    Sorry, but I didn't find your post helpful. It seemed more like gloating to me.

    FWIW, I have been looking into Lamar as well and found the same info (that the program was on hold). I was told by them that AFTER Oct. 1, 2013 they would be rolling out a "revamped" program and that the next LVN to RN will begin Jan. 2014.

    So far, I've been playing the usual "phone tag" with Lamar. I call, get nobody, leave a message, never get a return call. I've done that repeatedly. I've tried getting information off the website; however, from the vantage point of someone who just goes to the Lamar-Port Aurthur website to find this program it's NOT user friendly (apparently, you have to know EXACLTY where the webpages are in order to find them). It looks more like they've tried to bury this program somewhere and make it very hard to find. Their webmaster is pretty awful, IMO.

    When you do finally find a page with some information, it's rather scant and doesn't indicate whether you're reading the "new" (post-Oct 1) information or the old information that they have yet to update. Given the rest of my experiences with Lamar, I think the possibility that they have not updated their website is a legit possibility. So, I've yet to find out what has changed between the new and the old and whether the courses that I have meet the pre-reqs or if I need something more.

    I work in an LTAC and have a co-worker who went from LVN to RN at Lamar. She just graduated a few months ago (I knew her as an LVN and now as an RN). I talked to her about it and she said that her experience at Lamar "sucked bad". She said Lamar is VERY focused on money and little on helping students AEB their lack of technical support and communication while being quick to processes payments. As ONE example (and she said she had many), she was taking a timed test online to complete one of the classes that she'd paid for. During the test, the website crashed while she still had time left on the timer. She was unable to log back in to complete the test due to the website crash. She emailed and called Lamar for support and when they FINALLY got back to her (not the same day) they ran her back and fort through the "transferred called/voice mail" system and eventually told her that she'd simply have to take the course again--of course PAYING AGAIN to take it. She wanted to graduate so she re-did it. A few weeks later, at the end of the class, the IT Dept. finally replied to her and told her they could have let her log back in and finish her test that had crashed. She said that sort of stuff happens a lot with Lamar. She told me that if she had another option, she wouldn't have got through Lamar.

    Unfortunately, here in Texas, it looks like our other options have dried up and Lamar has a monopoly on the LVN to RN transition programs.

    Personally, I'm still shopping around because if Lamar is THIS hard to get in contact with BEFORE they have my money....after they have my money, I'm afraid they'll just neglect me.
  5. by   OrganizedChaos
    They stopped offering it because of their low pass rates. I've been looking into it too. I don't know I've been scared to apply to a bridge program online but I want my RN so bad. There's always ISU or WGU. :/ I don't know what to do.
  6. by   ardnas28
    They are reapplying to the board of nursing this January 2015. They said they will continue to teach the students that started the program and allow them to finish the program. It's sad but true and I agree with previous comment. I graduated from Lamar and will be taking my boards soon. But just like any nursing program if you want it bad enough you do everything that they ask you to do. Like any online course you're on your own. But hey it was my only way possible for me to graduate while working full time. I think that you have to be determined to finish and you will. Nursing school anywhere you go is not easy. For that, I will be grateful for Lamar State College Port Arthur RN
  7. by   Luv2baRNurse
    Hi, I know that I'm waaaay late posting a response to your question. But I graduated from LSC-PA in June of 2014. The program was suspended due to continuous poor board passing rates. They did reapply to the board, but was denied for the online program. Now they only offer the classes on campus. I graduated with a GPA of 3.8, took the Hurst Review and passed boards on the first try. That's not to brag, but to let you know that completing an online course is absolutely possible. I was an LVN for 14 years before starting this program. I was either too busy, waiting for the kids to get older & more self sufficient, or too afraid of returning to college. When I noticed an RN's salary per hour one day, I was outraged that she and I did the same job in the ER with the only difference being that she triaged and I didn't, it made me even more angry. So I faced my fears, realized my kids were self sufficient (old enough to cook, get ready for school, etc..) and took a developmental math course to meet my college entrance exam scores. Sometimes I was the oldest person in my classes making higher grades than younger students. They allowed me to do my clinical at my job, which was an added bonus to the program. The course would've been perfect for you and I'm so sorry you missed the opportunity! I personally feel that those who did not pass the course or boards did not put in the work and effort to effectively study. They either did not learn enough or failed to take an adequate review course to increase their opportunity to pass their boards. I don't know of any other online programs in Texas, but you can check the TX BON website and it will provide a list of Texas nursing schools with info regarding the type of programs they offer and you can always check their status of whether they are approved, pending approval, or on some type of discipline. I wish you the best and please do not give up! It is SO WELL WORTH IT TO GET YOUR RN. The difference in pay was outrageous. Some hospitals, fortunately my job, gave LVN's a 2 for 1 credit on the pay scale. So for the 14 years I worked as an LVN, that was equivalent to 7 yrs RN experience on the pay scale and increased my pay by almost $11/hr. Best of luck to you!
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  8. by   AshP
    If you don't mind me asking what was you GPA to get accepted into the program? I'm at a 2.8, and the director stated the program is competive to get accepted. Do you think I have a chance or not?
  9. by   Luv2baRNurse
    Hi, keep in mind that when I enrolled in Lamar State College Port Arthur, I had been an LVN for years before I enrolled in their program. My college GPA was 3.6, the school I initially intended to enroll in required taking the HESI test first as part of their application process & I scored a 92 on the reading & math portion & a 930 on the critical thinking section. I'm NOT bragging, but I'm sure LSC-PA took that into consideration when I applied for their online program. I started there in January of 2013 & finished in May or June of 2014 with a GPA of 3.67..... It's been 3 years & after I graduated in 2014, they were shutting the online program down because of the BON.

    I believe you have a chance with a 2.8 GPA.....idk how competitive the program is now. I wasn't aware that they got approval to restart their online program. As far as their board passing rate, you just need to focus on you! I graduated with a 3.67 GPA & passed the boards on the first try. I studied & did the work, passed all my tests & put forth the effort I needed to pass & I did ok. Just focus on what you need to do to pass & yes, I think with a 2.8 GPA, you stand a chance of getting into the program. The great part of their program was that I could work full time, go to school online AND I was able to do my clinicals at my job! Idk of any other schools that allow that.

    If they restarted the online program, they may have made it more competitive in order to ensure their board passing rate is successful so the BON doesn't shut them down again. I personally think it was actually a reflection of the students & not the school. On the blackboard discussion assignments there were some people who made me question how they ever qualified to get into the program! You can always check the BON for schools & any disciplinary or performance info or issues they may have.

    It's what you make of it & how well you study & the effort you bother to put forward to get your RN because it's Soo worth it for opportunity & money! Good luck to you!!!