Anyone apply for the Kingwood Medical Center GN Academy Internship, July 2012? - page 2

I was just wondering if anyone has applied or heard anything from the hospital?... Read More

  1. by   Makani
    When did you get the email?
  2. by   EricaSAFJAF
    anybody hear anything yet? I haven't andI've worked there a year lol..ughhh
  3. by   Genu9ine
    lol nothing over here either!
  4. by   Makani
    Nothing. I called and haven't got a call back. Waiting....
  5. by   jchong1
    Got an email on friday and another one today frm a diff recruiter askking about units.
  6. by   ajoyRN
    I also got an email asking about units last Friday. The recruiter told me that they are still reviewing applications. Hopefully we will hear something soon!!
  7. by   jchong1
    got a call today for interview
  8. by   Makani
    Best wishes to you!
  9. by   ajoyRN
    Good luck to you!! If I may ask, which units did you apply for?
  10. by   jchong1
    Med-surg units or obs unit
  11. by   ajoyRN
    Anyone else hear anything yet?
  12. by   MaroonNurse123
    I haven't heard anything either
  13. by   jchong1
    anyone heard anything back yet?