AE MSN University of Texas 2013 - page 11

Anybody else interested in or applying to the AE MSN program at UT-Austin for summer of 2013? I'd love to start a group discussion to help each other with questions and concerns people might have.... Read More

  1. by   mauradry
    it's a closed group not secret. we have more members now so some people have been able to find it! i'm not sure why it's not letting some not find it! i've tried everything!
  2. by   mauradry
    if you want to friend me on FB (maura ryan) and i will add that way!
  3. by   kfab
    Hello everyone. I am going to be applying for the 2014 entry program. My issue is that I don't have current volunteer work in a clinical environment and I want to get some stat! I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions of anyone who might be taking volunteers. Most of the major hospitals in this area seem to have volunteers coming out of their ears and aren't accepting anymore.
  4. by   Anonymous1369
    Hi Kfab, I'm sorry I don't know much about getting through the volunteer brick wall, I hear it can be tough. Some other options to get medical experience by the time you apply are getting your CNA license or shadowing an RN, NP, or PA. I actually shadowed a PA and they were happy with the experience I had. I don't think we're allowed to say names on here, but I recommend getting in contact with someone at the UT graduate school of nursing and seeing if they can help you out with finding either volunteer or shadowing opportunities.
  5. by   dove01
    Hello everyone! I will be applying to the Psych/Mental health program for the summer 2014 admission. I was wondering if any of you guys who got admitted can give me some advice! I haven't taken my GRE yet but I'm planning on taking it September. What was the lowest GPA and GRE score that they admitted? Jw because I'm sooo nervous!