Accepted to El Centro and Grayson County LVN - which to pick?

  1. <DIV id=post_message_6678925>My son got the good news in the last couple days that he has been admitted to the LVN programs at El Centro (Dallas Community College) and Grayson County Community College. (I am an analytical and research type guy which is not a strength for him so please&nbsp;excuse this bit of helicoptering. However, the choice of El Centro or Grayson LVN will be absolutely his own.) Your advice would be greatly appreciated regarding strengths/weaknesses of either program. How is getting a job as an LVN with either program? How are the "clinical" rotations to the nursing homes, etc. for the LVN students? We live in Collin County so the commute will be a doable 30 miles by car to Grayson and a car/train commute for El Centro. My son visited Grayson in February and got a brief tour from the Director and will be visiting El Centro early next week. Any advice or comments would be great! </DIV>
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