3 WEEK INTRO TO CHEM CLASS...Would you do it?

  1. this is also a duplicate thread from the student nursing forum:

    i stumbled across a intro to chemistry class today being offered this may for three weeks. the class is from 8-5 m-f. i just wanted some feedback on how does that sound! i started taking intro to chem and dropped last semester ( the instructor was horrible) i loved the lab, it was the lectures! i had about a c average. i figured if i took it without taking anything else i could concentrate on just chem ( i was taking 4 other classes and working full-time with two kids and a husband...i guess that's three kids ha!ha!ha!)
    no seriously i am considering taking this and i just wanted some feedback on the issue.

    the class is at northlake college, if anybody knows anything about the science dept or instructors over there i would appreciate the info!

    -thanks in advance
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