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This is my first post on here and I'm kind of nervous about taking my CNA test on the 27th. Can anyone in the dallas area or any of texas tell me how their test went (if they passed or failed), what type of skills were chosen for them, and any tips on passing :)

I appreciate any help :)


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hi! im here in texas near lubbock. i took my course at the South Plains College and the test at the local nursing home. well i was also very nervous when i took it a little over a year ago. i got very easy skills though. ummm i got

1. handwashing

2. ROM i think it's called LOL i forget

3. ADL washing face and brushing teeth

4. ambulating down the hall

i think that was it, cant remember. my instructor said that if you think that you messed up, ask to start over. take your time, always encourage the resident to try to do things for themselves. i do have to say that i got lucky and had a resident that could do everything for themselves!

also everyone passed except for one girl that failed because i think that she took the bp wrong or something. also if it helps you she was not very good at reading and speaking english, so that had something to do with her failing. so it wasnt bad at all! and once you get through that, the written test is a breeze.....and IF for any reason you fail the skills, you can take it again!



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First of all my new name will need to be "nurse sometime", I didnt pass the skills test today for Texas. I drove two hours north because I couldnt find anything in San Antonio. I didnt make the skills test because they did not say you need to do oral temp, AND resp AND pulse. Instead she rushed me into writing those things on a scrap of paper and I missed the latter two. Then, I did peri care on a male who had BKA on both sides. I messed up and I should have asked to start again. I didnt have the trash can near me for the brief and I turned my back on him. Maybe I should have thrown that on the floor until I was done. I failed the other thing because I didnt put a pillow between him and myself when I rolled the resident on his side. You have to pay attention to detail and you cant be tired out from a long exhaustive drive.

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