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Let's see, I have made progress with my decision to move back to Texas and will be relocating to Houston. I was on the webpage of Texas Childrens Hospital and saw one of their benefits was free parking. I know this is minor but how safe is the parking area. It sounds like it is in a remote location. Anyone familiar with this hospital or it's surroundings?

Tried to take the Virtual Tour but it doesn't work. Doubt it would show the parking lot!! LOL! But would have been interesting to see a mini tour.

Thanks alot!


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This is the bad thing about working in the Texas Medical center. Parking Stinks!!!

If you are going to be moving and don't mind apartment living you might do well to find an apartment along the new rail line. It runs right into the med. center.

But parking is either on site (very expensive!) or off site (not so expensive but very inconvenient. It adds about 20 minutes to your daily commute time)

The medical center does have some van pools but it's hard to get in if you are working nursing type shifts.

Other than that big negative (parking), the Texas Medical Center is a great place to work!!


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Parking at Texas Childrens Hospital is EXTREMELY safe. If you have to park out at the Smith lots or the Meyer lots. i.e you work days. They bus you in on a shuttle that runs every few minutes. Or you can also catch the new metro rail right there by the lot and drops you off right in front of the hospital. If you work nights or weekends you can park in garage 2 which is right across from St. Lukes which is physically connected to Texas Childrens. There are cops all over the place, both Houston Police as well as University of Texas and also Texas medical Center security. I have been working there now for 3 years at TCH and have never heard of an incident there in the parking area. You see people coming and going in the parking areas all day and night. They have also lit up the parking garage like it was high noon. They installed high intensity spotlights all over the place.



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Shotzie and Dplear....thanks for the information! Oh, hey Dplear I sent you a PM awhile ago, not sure if you got it as sometimes my computer doesn't always cooperate. Seriously, no pressure do not feel obligated! I swear!!!!

I also was looking at the current job postings. Most nursing jobs were posted at having a salary grade=11. What would be a ballpark salary grade of 11? Any insight on shift differentials there? Just some questions if you have the time to post. I will stop posting on this topic because you all are probably bored to tears with my questions.

Thanks again!

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