Texas BON with Class A Misdemeanor Theft


2 1/2 months from graduating when I should be worrying about passing, all I can think about is the Class A misdemeanor theft (deferred adjudication) that unfortunately happened when I was 18, 4 1/2 years ago. Legally naive didn't do a declaratory order. Does anybody have any advice or personal positive outcomes that would maybe relieve a little stress? So far with my application I have added court documents and 4 character/recommendation letters


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I am in Oklahoma and I have similar charges. Bogus check from 2005. I provided appropriate court records and it has been over 8 weeks and I still have no response from BON. I have called several times and all they will tell me is that it is being reviewed. I to would like some positive outcomes. A bit of advice I can give you that I wish was given to me was that I should have submitted my application 3 months prior to graduation and I wouldn't be waiting now good luck!


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You will get a license and may be able to test on time since you have time before you graduate.


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I wouldn't be overly concerned. I have a class B Misdemeanor on my record and although it sometimes takes longer to process, I have had no issues in the 3 states I am licensed in after providing the court documentation. be sure to find out if the court needs "certified" copies snail mailed and stamped directly from the court or if you can fax them the copies you have personally. That's the only problem I ever encountered.


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Update...I FINALLY take my test this Monday. About 6 1/2 months since graduation.