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Texas A & M HSC(Bryan)trad. BSN-How do you see it?


Brand new to this board and hoping for some advice on the traditional BSN program at Texas A & M HSC (Bryan). I'm applying to A & M HSC (Bryan) for Fall, 2011 traditional BSN and don't know anything about the program except the information on the school's website. It would be wonderful to hear an honest assessment from someone in (or who has graduated from) the program. I guess this is probably the biggest decision I've had to make in my life and, in some ways, I feel clueless about how to assess the pros and cons of the program. I would appreciate (beyond words!) anyone who has attended the traditional BSN program offering their opinions about the school, the community, the clinicals, the faculty, the lifestyle or anything you think would help a 20 year old wannabe BSN/RN to make a better decision. Thanks so much!