Tetanus Shortage???

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Is anyone having problems with getting tetorifice in the ER?

Our pharmacist states there is some kind of shortage and what once a multidose vial of 10cc costed 28 dollars is now costing over 100 dollars. He says he has a hard time finding some for the ER. If that is true, I am not sure what we should do about patients that come in needing a booster.

Any input?

We are having the same problem. Our hospital is allocated three vials per month. That simply is not enough. The way we are handling it is we give it to high risk exposure patients, ie., patient that have a serious wound and haven't had a tetorifice booster "since I don't know when", etc. All others we advise to see thier personal physician.

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Well, here in IL, we don't have Compazine or fentanyl but so far continue to give tetorifice shots. Judi

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