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Tests being done for swine?


We had a suspected case swine at my facility. I believe it is diagnosed/confirmed with a throat and nasal swab/culture. How long does it take for results?

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If someone more knowledgeable about these tests could provide more info, I would be grateful. This is not my area of expertise.

What I understand so far is in the next three sentences.

The rapid flu tests done in ER or doctor's office, take from 30 seconds to 30 minutes depending on the brand used. These tests are not always reliable though which is why you need to look at the clinical picture and pt history. If the patient is testing negative but has a family member that is positive, it is absurd to dismiss the case as not swine flu. Likewise, think twice if your patient has some of the known risk factors leading to a poor outcome, but has flu s/s though testing negative.

Preliminary results for PCR testing is between 48-72 hours after receipt of the sample.

If additional testing is needed, and I think we are talking viral cutures here, the specimens have to go on to a lab that can do cultures, and may take as long as 7-10 days or more depending on how many samples are submitted. This is the definitive test.

There are some other tests also that I will take a pass on explaining tonight though I might feel up to the research at another time.

Hope this is at least a little helpful.

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